Who We Are
The "Sinners" of ThirteenSins Racecraft

Our story

What makes us different is we get to know you and your build. We are a friendly, approachable, group of auto builders who not only strive to exceed our customer’s expectations of their build, but also to exceed their expectations of our service, quality and  timeframe. Your project won’t be at our shop for years like some of the competition.

Established in 2010, we are now a flourishing shop with an excellent reputation. In these short years we have created some of the best and most talked about vehicles in West Texas.

What we do

Car Audio
Ceramic Paint Protection

Why Choose 13 Sins?

More Than Your Basic Shop
We offer knowledgeable advice in concept design, frame fabrication (basic and custom), full interiors(seat, carpeting, headliner, door panels, etc.), bodywork & paint, motor & transmission, wiring…pretty much anything! We also have CNC plasma plasma cutting services and sell and install nitrous kits. Even if we don’t list a service you’re looking for, chances are we offer it!
Friendly, Approachable Team
Not only do we have the knowledge to turn that dream build into a reality, we also pride ourselves on being the most approachable, down-to-earth group of builders you can find. We will sit down with you to go over concept and design, and by the time of completion, you’ll consider us more than just the people that build your dream ride. That’s why our customers return again and again.
Years of Experience
Who you go with when restoring or building a vehicle can mean the difference between a one-of-a-kind showstopper and a rust bucket in disguise. Although ThirteenSins Racecraft was established in 2010, every member of our team has been a dedicated enthusiast for years before we all came together to launch ThirteenSins. The way we see it, building vehicles wasn’t a career choice, or even life choice – it was the only choice.